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Colleen Williams is the founder of Ad-lib Traveller, a black travel blog for visiting destinations around the world. Founded in April 2012, this blog allows her to share her passion for travel.

She has a 9-5 as a full-time marketer and qualified Chartered Marketer. As a city girl that relocated from Birmingham (United Kingdom) and is currently based in London.

She has currently been to over 12 European countries. There isn’t a set plan or agenda for where she will visit and when. She literally looks at her schedule and plans within her mean for a trip to wherever. Sometimes it’ll be budget, at other times it’ll be a luxury but the majority of the time, Colleen hunts for mid-range trips to get away to just about anywhere… hence the name, ‘ad-lib’.

Naturally, she is an organized and conscious money-saver, so her blog posts regularly talk about taking responsibility for planning a trip itinerary – something that Colleen happy to advise and guide readers to do.

Join Colleen to travel at will, explore, embrace, enjoy:





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