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Black Travel Presents AfroLatino Travel

AfroLatino Travel is the resource for the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean

They cater diasporic social, cultural, community-building exchange and tours. They are a traveling collective and consult participants to: build and create custom trips, tours, itineraries and social, cultural and community-building exchanges. Providing contextual historical and contemporary content on the African root through photos, texts, sound, and travel. Part of their Malembo Initiative is for participant’s donations is to provide school supplies, brown dolls and/or books with brown characters, for children in the areas of the countries served. Services are extended to individuals, groups, educational institutions & collectives and to any person from any walk of life that is interested in learning and exploring Latin America and the Caribbean. Find AfroLatino Travel in Havana, Cuba and Panama City, Panama by way of New York City.

Like most travel groups, AfroLatino Travel members recently got back from a fantastic time in Havana, Cuba.

Catch them at the AfroLatina Festival this July 2017. This festival will be held in New York City. As a tribute to Women of the African Diaspora, the 5th edition of the AfroLatino Fest celebrates the contributions made by Afro-descendants from Latin America, the Caribbean & the diaspora.

For more information, view their websites and social media links.

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