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Bella Wanders Black Travel Blogger

Bella Wanders is a blog created to inspire everyday people to spread their wings and see the world.

Although, Kemi Bella has always loved to travel, it wasn’t until she went going a depression that she realized travel can also be a healing tool. Travel helped find herself again and has been such a great life teacher. Her blog’s mission is to encourage people to step outside of their comfort zones and go places they’ve never been before. was created out of love to have an outlet for the passion for travel. Although not at adventurous traveler, you can find posts on adventure, food, life, and more.

A blog that also features true stories of anxiety, depression and mental health awareness, is much needed. There are many people that are scared to leave their comfort zones. This blog was created to show people that average people with 9-5’s, can still travel to places like Dubai and not spend thousands of dollars.

Having traveled to places like Costa Rica, Colombia and Cuba, Bella is about being transparent about self care.


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