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Black Travel Blogger Coco Gone Global

Coco Gone Global is a travel & lifestyle blog.

Curated by Coco Hunter, she has traveled to 30+ countries across 4 continents. She too finished her M.B.A and quit her corporate job to travel the world. The blog chronicles her adventures and mishaps around the world as a 20-something, black, millennial woman. Her blog highlights adventure, solo, luxury, and budget travel. It is her mission to inspire and motivate others to get out there and see some world, foster cultural sensitivity, and broaden your perspectives of the world. Originally from Oakland, CA, she has lived in Atlanta, Dubai and now resides in Zug, Switzerland. Her adventures have led her backpacking across Europe, sand surfing in Dubai, hot air ballooning over the Swiss Alps, chasing waterfalls in the Philippines, and whale shark diving in the Maldives. She traveled to 17 countries in a span of 60 days. Her personal motto is: “Pack Light. Travel Far.”


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