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Eat Pray Stay for Days Travel Blogger

Eat Pray Stay for Days is written…

In an honest, candid, refreshing and tongue-in-cheek tone. Aimed at the fearless female independent traveler, the blog features writing, photography and videos from award winning filmmaker and travel writer, Diana O’Gilvie. The blog lets readers know that no matter the budget, traveling the world on an extended stay in an immersive way is possible. The blog focuses on slowing down to experience a culture as opposed to rushing and collecting passport stamps. After all, culture is meant to be experienced in real life and not in an unfamiliar accumulation of pictures. 


Eat Pray Stay for Days caters to professional women whose wanderlust hasn’t been quelled.  They believe in value for their money and can travel solo or with girlfriends.  These women are way past the backpacker lifestyle.  They believe in sprinkling in a little opulence in their trips by booking the rooms with the amazing view and Egyptian cotton sheets along with spa treatments.

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