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Black Travel Presents Globe Getter in Cape Town South Africa

The Globe Getter

Founded in 2015, The Globe Getter is a travel blog aimed at showing it’s possible to have a full-time job and see the world. Through travel tips, resources, stories and profiles of people who work and travel, the site showcases the alternative to the “I Quit My Job to Travel the World” story. The Globe Getter touches on the themes of solo female travel, food, wine and cultural experiences. 
Tausha Cowan is the founder of The Globe Getter. She is a New York City-based communications professional who has lived as an expat in London, Paris, and Ghana. Born in South Florida to Jamaican parents, Tausha has a never-ending travel bucket list. She can often be found exploring a new place or planning her next trip. She is currently on the continent of Asia. So, catch her if you can by following her on social media:



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