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My Travel Stamps is a blog by Tommie that shares funny and memorable experiences from a Gen-X perspective 

A viewpoint that often gets lost in the world’s laser-like focus on Millennials and Boomers, Tommie, is on a mission to show that Gen-Xers also globe trot, and spend major dollars too!

The site shares personal quotes, destination travel tips for solo travelers, groups and family going on vacation. Blog posts range from the unexpected to the insightful and inspirational.  Readers can learn about exercises they can do in their hotel room. They can walk the streets of Cartagena and sample delicious local food. Get this: Tommie is a Jamaican Native. She is not planning on selling everything and moving cross seas. She also does not have a lot of paid time off of work to vacation.

The blog doesn’t shy away from sharing awkward and embarrassing moments either. If you subscribe or just visit, you get to hear what if feels like to fall head first down the steps of a double-decker bus in London while passengers yell for the driver to stop. Stories such as being close to getting tossed out of the Red Light District in Amsterdam for snapping pictures you really shouldn’t. Persuaded? Check it out below:



Twitter: @mytravelstamps

Instagram: @mytravelstamps

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