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Multiethnic Mastery Mike Haynes Pitts

Mike Haynes-Pitts is a writer of all trades at Multiethnic Mastery. The goal of Multiethnic Mastery is to educate people about knowledge in a variety of categories. The primary categories of education on the website are finance, mentorship, and filming. Additionally, Mike’s blog seeks to teach about solo travel, racial dynamics, relationship issues, and observations on life in America. Born in San Diego, he has chosen to teach in the New York City Metropolitan area. He understands that knowledge is power and it can help shape our future. As featured in the Black Travel, the anthology, he is also a guest writer for our parent company, Griots Republic. His mission is Read more

Adlib Traveller London Black Travel

Colleen Williams is the founder of Ad-lib Traveller, a black travel blog for visiting destinations around the world. Founded in April 2012, this blog allows her to share her passion for travel. She has a 9-5 as a full-time marketer and qualified Chartered Marketer. As a city girl that relocated from Birmingham (United Kingdom) and is currently based in London. She has currently been to over 12 European countries. There isn’t a set plan or agenda for where she will visit and when. She literally looks at her schedule and plans within her mean for a trip to wherever. Sometimes it’ll be budget, at other times it’ll be a luxury but the majority Read more

Black Travel sunshine stilettos caribbean blogger

Sunshine & Stilettos launched in 2009   It is an award-winning travel and photography blog focusing on cultural experiences across the Caribbean region especially Belize. Travel journalist, photographer, and author Lebawit Lily Girma also shares musings on career, home and life on the road. Born in Ethiopia, she is an author of multiple guidebooks. Raised in Côte d’Ivoire, she received her first passport by age six. By age 14, she resided on three continents, survived three school systems (French, British, American), and spoke four languages. Since then she has lived in nine countries and visited 25. In hindsight, Lebawit Lily Girma’s career as a corporate lawyer in Washington D.C. couldn’t Read more

Bella Wanders Black Travel Blogger

Bella Wanders is a blog created to inspire everyday people to spread their wings and see the world. Although, Kemi Bella has always loved to travel, it wasn’t until she went going a depression that she realized travel can also be a healing tool. Travel helped find herself again and has been such a great life teacher. Her blog’s mission is to encourage people to step outside of their comfort zones and go places they’ve never been before. was created out of love to have an outlet for the passion for travel. Although not at adventurous traveler, you can find posts on adventure, food, life, and more. A blog that Read more

black travel blogger raising vagabonds

Raising Vagabonds is a humorous account of a single mother and her son as they travel the world. It is a go-to guide for the wanderlust at any level seeking to give their children the world. Elmeka Henderson, the voice behind the blog, offers a unique perspective on traveling, living abroad and surviving parenthood. Raising Vagabonds strives to build a life without borders and chronicles the misadventures of international travel with her son in tow. Amusing accounts of surviving 24 hours in Abu Dhabi during Ramadan and tips on how to travel the world with children at any age. Elmeka shows you how to make international travel effortless and economical for Read more

Black Travel Lerease Travels Blogger Bali

Affordable luxury vacation travel by Lerease Lerease Travels began to provide guides, reviews, beautiful pictures and useful travel tips for all travel elements including affordable luxury travel. Its purpose was to assist, educate and inspire people to get out and explore the world and all it has to offer at achievable prices.     Travel started at the tender age of four for blog writer Lerease and to this day nothing beats the feeling of going somewhere new. As a result, she wants everyone to be able to experience that feeling. Since then, she has visited 20+ countries! She also is a contributing writer for Melan Magazine.   The blog Read more

tommie -Beach-Shot_My-Travel-Stamps Black Blogger

My Travel Stamps is a blog by Tommie that shares funny and memorable experiences from a Gen-X perspective  A viewpoint that often gets lost in the world’s laser-like focus on Millennials and Boomers, Tommie, is on a mission to show that Gen-Xers also globe trot, and spend major dollars too! The site shares personal quotes, destination travel tips for solo travelers, groups and family going on vacation. Blog posts range from the unexpected to the insightful and inspirational.  Readers can learn about exercises they can do in their hotel room. They can walk the streets of Cartagena and sample delicious local food. Get this: Tommie is a Jamaican Native. She is not planning on selling Read more

Black Travel Blogger Coco Gone Global

Coco Gone Global is a travel & lifestyle blog. Curated by Coco Hunter, she has traveled to 30+ countries across 4 continents. She too finished her M.B.A and quit her corporate job to travel the world. The blog chronicles her adventures and mishaps around the world as a 20-something, black, millennial woman. Her blog highlights adventure, solo, luxury, and budget travel. It is her mission to inspire and motivate others to get out there and see some world, foster cultural sensitivity, and broaden your perspectives of the world. Originally from Oakland, CA, she has lived in Atlanta, Dubai and now resides in Zug, Switzerland. Her adventures have led her backpacking across Europe, sand surfing Read more

Eat Pray Stay for Days Travel Blogger

Eat Pray Stay for Days is written… In an honest, candid, refreshing and tongue-in-cheek tone. Aimed at the fearless female independent traveler, the blog features writing, photography and videos from award winning filmmaker and travel writer, Diana O’Gilvie. The blog lets readers know that no matter the budget, traveling the world on an extended stay in an immersive way is possible. The blog focuses on slowing down to experience a culture as opposed to rushing and collecting passport stamps. After all, culture is meant to be experienced in real life and not in an unfamiliar accumulation of pictures.    Eat Pray Stay for Days caters to professional women whose wanderlust hasn’t been quelled.  Read more

Black Blogger Brooklyn Travel Addict

Tracey Coleman is a witty storyteller from Brooklyn She has an unhealthy obsession with food and an even bigger appetite for travel. To balance city life and brutal Winters in New York, Tracey escapes to destinations with limited internet service and unlimited sunshine as often as humanly possible. In between trips she’s home in Brooklyn freelancing as a Creative Marketing Consultant, Travel Writer, and Event Planner, and is an Auntie to the cutest kids on planet Earth (shamelessly biased opinion). With a pre-medical background, she began volunteering in Jamaica. Despite falling out of love with the medical field, life came full circle for her through Purpose Driven Passports. Purpose Driven Read more