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Rosalind Cummings Yeates - Far Sighted Fly Girl Blogger

Far Sighted Fly Girl explores travel, fashion, and food from a cultural perspective. The blog features dispatches from four continents and offers tips on activities, attractions, restaurants and packing and airport hacks. For eight years, Farsighted Fly Girl has kept readers informed about where to go and what to experience around the world.

As a seasoned writer with a solid journalism background in researching, reporting, and writing, Rosalind Cummings-Yeates creates features, reviews, profiles, biographies, press releases and brochure copy for a range of publications and clients, including Griots Republic. Other writing credits include Chicago Tribune, Rough Guide to Women Travel, Marriott Traveler, Orbitz, and Miami Herald. She is also part of three generations of teachers who tend to be a tad bossy and chatty. The talking part comes in handy when teaching as an adjunct journalism professor at Columbia College Chicago.

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Twitter: @farsightedgirl

Instagram: @farsightedgirl

Facebook: Farsighted Fly Girl

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