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Multiethnic Mastery Mike Haynes Pitts

Mike Haynes-Pitts is a writer of all trades at Multiethnic Mastery.

The goal of Multiethnic Mastery is to educate people about knowledge in a variety of categories. The primary categories of education on the website are finance, mentorship, and filming. Additionally, Mike’s blog seeks to teach about solo travel, racial dynamics, relationship issues, and observations on life in America.

Born in San Diego, he has chosen to teach in the New York City Metropolitan area. He understands that knowledge is power and it can help shape our future.

As featured in the Black Travel, the anthology, he is also a guest writer for our parent company, Griots Republic.

His mission is to be of service. Furthermore, if he can be of assistance in educating you on those topics, he feels his goals are achieved. Head over to his blog now.

What will you learn today?

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Instagram: @mhptonyc

Twitter: @CaliforniaHP

Facebook Profile: Mike Haynes-Pitts

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