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black travel blogger raising vagabonds

Raising Vagabonds is a humorous account of a single mother and her son as they travel the world.

It is a go-to guide for the wanderlust at any level seeking to give their children the world. Elmeka Henderson, the voice behind the blog, offers a unique perspective on traveling, living abroad and surviving parenthood.

Raising Vagabonds strives to build a life without borders and chronicles the misadventures of international travel with her son in tow. Amusing accounts of surviving 24 hours in Abu Dhabi during Ramadan and tips on how to travel the world with children at any age. Elmeka shows you how to make international travel effortless and economical for you and your family.

Raising Vagabonds shares a desire to share all things learned over the last ten years of traveling with a child. For those who are seeking to travel the world but don’t know where to begin, here’s a start. Elmeka’s goal is to inspire others parents to overcome their fears and explore the world with their children.

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