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Sunshine & Stilettos launched in 2009  

It is an award-winning travel and photography blog focusing on cultural experiences across the Caribbean region especially Belize. Travel journalist, photographer, and author Lebawit Lily Girma also shares musings on career, home and life on the road.

Born in Ethiopia, she is an author of multiple guidebooks. Raised in Côte d’Ivoire, she received her first passport by age six. By age 14, she resided on three continents, survived three school systems (French, British, American), and spoke four languages. Since then she has lived in nine countries and visited 25.

In hindsight, Lebawit Lily Girma’s career as a corporate lawyer in Washington D.C. couldn’t quench the thirst for exploration. With planning, she took a leap of faith and left a legal career behind to travel long term. Initially, six weeks, it turned into five months.

Her photography has been published in AFAR, CNN Travel, New York Magazine, Travel Channel, BBC Travel, Lonely Planet Travel Magazine & more.

Check out her travel guides and amazing images on the links below.





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