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Black Blogger Brooklyn Travel Addict

Tracey Coleman is a witty storyteller from Brooklyn

She has an unhealthy obsession with food and an even bigger appetite for travel. To balance city life and brutal Winters in New York, Tracey escapes to destinations with limited internet service and unlimited sunshine as often as humanly possible. In between trips she’s home in Brooklyn freelancing as a Creative Marketing Consultant, Travel Writer, and Event Planner, and is an Auntie to the cutest kids on planet Earth (shamelessly biased opinion). With a pre-medical background, she began volunteering in Jamaica. Despite falling out of love with the medical field, life came full circle for her through Purpose Driven Passports.

Purpose Driven Passports aims to provide opportunities also to give back while traveling. It is a community of travelers who can curate their trips all while coming together to fulfill one mission – charity.

Follow her adventures at @bktraveladdict on Instagram and Twitter, and at 

For more information on Purpose Driven Passports, visit their website:

Facebook: @bktraveladdict

Instagram: @bktraveladdict

Twitter: @bktraveladdict

Snapchat/Periscope: @bktraveladdict


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